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Established in 1919, Allen's Dock has been a staple of the South Jersey fishing and boating community. Located on the Bass River, Allen's Dock provides access to both the excellent crabbing and fishing locally but also to all the best fishing locales along the Mullica River and Great Bay of NJ.

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Sunday: 6am-6pm

Monday: 6am-6pm

Tuesday: 6am-6pm

Wednesday: 6am-6pm

Thursday: 6am-6pm

Friday: 6am-6pm

Saturday: 6am-6pm

Please call to see us! We live locally and are happy to meet special accommodations or help in case of emergenciesJust Call: 609-296-5660.


Allen's Dock is a full service marina. If you don't see what you need here, just give us a call and we would be more than happy to accommodate all of your fishing and boating needs.



Winter Storage for 2024 will be $32/ft. Winter Storage includes a haul out, bottom wash, set to trailer or block, storage and a launch in spring. Winter storage ends June 15th. Boats still in storage past June 15th are subject to additional storage fees and forfeit their complimentary relaunch

Boats can substitute storage on property (take the boat home) for a FREE 48 Hours on block and stands when they return in the spring to bottom paint and detail boat in yard. 

Striper Slip Rental is also included in our winter storage price for current slip holders. Summer Slip Rental customers have priority of Striper Slips. Striper slips are first come first serve, contact us to be placed on the waitlist. 

Winter Storage Agreement



With over 70+ Slips available, Allen's Dock is the premiere place to be when those fish start biting. 

Our summer season begins April 1st, and ends October 30th. Boaters may request early entry as of March 1st for striped bass!

Interested in docking with us this summer? Fill out our waitlist form and e-mail to


For our current slip holders, please make sure to fill out:

2022-2023 Slip Rental Agreement



- Package Rates -


Winter Storage: $32/ft (includes lift, power wash, set and launch

Summer Storage: $35/ft (does not includes lift, set and launch) +$2/ft powerwash

Short Term Storage: $15/ft/week (includes lift, set and launch) +$2/ft powerwash

Bottom Paint Blocked Boat: $20/ft (includes 1 coat of Sea Hawk Brand AF33 Bottom Paint)

Bottom Paint Trailered Boat: $32/ft (includes lift to blocks, 1 coat of Sea Hawk Brand AF33 Bottom Paint, and launch)


- Lift Rates - 

To Roller Trailer: $7/ft

To Bunk Trailer: $8/ft

From Bunk Trailer: $7/ft

From Bunk Trailer: $8/ft

+$3/ft for power wash

Lift and Wash: $10/ft includes lift from water, wash and re-launch (no time on the hard)

Boat and Trailer Storage: $35/ft

Transient Slips: $2/ft/night



Current Bait Menu:

- Live Baits -

Minnows - $5 1/2pt, $8 pt, $15 qt

Jumbo Bloodworms - $15/half-doz

Bloodworms - $20/doz

Nightcrawlers - $6/doz

Shedder Crab - $3/crab

Green Crab - $4/doz 

Eels - $2/eel

Spot - $3/fish

-Fresh and Frozen Baits - 

Bunker - $2.00/u-pick, $4/lb (vacuum sealed), $5/chum log, $40/chum 4gal

Chicken Necks - $5/dozen

Mackerel - $4/fish

Squid - $6.25/1 lb box (full squid), $6.95/pro cut strips, $6.59/tubes 

Clam  - $7.50/pt fresh, $5.50/pt frozen, $3/chum log

Salmon Strips - $9.50

Spearing - $5/pack

Sand Fleas - $3/pt

Finger Mullet - $6/dozen (vaccuum sealed)

Bait Shrimp - $2/1lb bag

Butterfish  - SOLD OUT

Ballyhoo - $5/6-pack, $7.50/dozen

Special orders available upon request. Please call ahead for bulk ordering. The store is constantly updating its Tackle inventory, stop in and check out tackle from your favorite brands: Fin Strike, 9er's Lures, Mann's, Sea Striker, Magictail, Atom, Clarkspoons, Berkley, Spro and a huge selection of Local rig tiers!



Allow Allen's Dock to help solve your problems. In need of motor repair? Fiberglass repair or detailing? Allow Allen's Dock to call upon the right specialist for your job. Just call, schedule a consultation and get your project done right. Looking for excellent winterization service, stop in and see us. We'll store your boat and arrange winterization right here on site.

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Fill up your boat with our 89 octane marine fuel. Our fuel contains ValvTect fuel additive to keep your boat running great with high quality marine fuel service. Just pull up to the dock. We'll help you tie up, fill up and get back out on the water. 

To read more about ValvTect, visit their website: Click Here



Established 1923

The lure of Allen’s Dock starts with a man named Chet Allen. Chet built Allen’s Dock in 1923. Chet was married to Belle Valiant, the son of George Valiant. George was a menhaden boat captain for the McKeever Brothers. The McKeever Brothers owned the fish factory on Crab Island between 1910 and 1926. Along with the fish factory the McKeever brothers also owned the property we all know as Allen’s Dock. The McKeever Brothers sold the property to George and though it may be cliche to say it - the rest is history… and what a history! 

A menhaden is commonly called a “bunker” around here. And through the years there’s been a lot of fish called “bunker,” and a few men called “George!” As of December of 2021, George Kurtz became the most recent of a long list of New Gretna history. George purchased the dock from George McGeoch, who took over for his father over 40 years ago. Before George there was Ruby McAnney. Rube acquired Allen’s Dock after the passing of his friend, Chet Allen. Chet considered Ruby his right hand man and left Ruby the marina under the condition that it would always be called “Allen’s Dock.” 

Join us as we pay homage to this piece of bunker bait history! Next year will be 100 years of “Allen’s Dock.” With over 70 boat slips, a bait and tackle shop, mechanic on site, brokerage services, travel lift, boat launching service, dry dock and winter storage Allen’s Dock can help you with all of your boating and fishing needs. Drive in and see us at 5698 Route 9 in New Gretna or float in and see us on that ole’ Bass River across from Viking Yacht and Breeze’s.

To learn more about the history of Allen's Dock and New Gretna, check out our instagram page.  


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