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9/13/22: Thank you!

Welcome to the Allen's Dock Blog page, "Dock Lines." Check back here frequently to see what's new and interesting at Allen's Dock. This page will update you with the latest happenings, such as results from our latest tournaments, deals and specials for our bait and tackle shop, as well as important updates about the Marina and its docks.

In our very first post we'd like to reiterate a huge THANK YOU to our customers and to anyone who helped in making our first year here a success. It's greatly appreciated and we hope that you've enjoyed "the Dock," as much as we have.

In our very first tournament, we saw some excellent competition. Almost 20 boats signed up for the event but it was Eddie Ip, who went home with the largest fish prize with an 8lb False Albacore and a 7lb Mahi. It was Randy Russell who took the bulk of the prize money with a 24" fluke as well as a weighable bluefish and perch to boot. In our youth categories, it was Albert Alotto with a 18" fluke, and Gunny Waszkiewicz with a half pound bluefish!

Beer was drank, burgers were cooked and a good time was had by all. We hope that we can prepare a little further in advance for next season and see even more fish! Thanks again for all who participated and gave a hand in making the event a success.

Please check out the website blog from time to time as I will be posting updates regularly.

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